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How to Safely Approve More Orders Without Increasing Chargebacks

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Read this Order Approval Rate Ebook and learn how to:

  • Identify why ecommerce orders are approved or declined. 
  • Learn how to calculate your true approval rate.
  • Determine if you have a false decline problem.
  • Get suggestions for a smarter approach to fraud prevention. 


About this Ebook

Beef Up Your Bottom Line!

Are you leaving money on the table?

We’re not talking about bad business deals or overpaying for services. You could be losing money just be declining valid customer orders. How?

First of all, just because an online customer has clicked “pay” and placed an order, your revenue is not guaranteed.

With the increase in ecommerce and subsequent fraud, more companies are turning to strict filters and rules to protect their businesses. And, in turn, they may be turning away perfectly good customers.
When you don’t approve valid transactions, you lose revenue.

And when today’s customers are turned away, they tend to stay away and even complain about your business. That results in even more loses. 

How do you know if you’re turning away customers?

Start by knowing your approval rate – what percentage of your orders you are approving. That can be easier said than done. 

What You Measure, You Can Fix

We’ve created this helpful guide to show you how to properly measure your approval rate, so you can truly understand if you’re losing money. Only then can you take steps to fight fraud strategically and maximize revenue – without increasing chargebacks.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is order approval rate calculated?

The rate is simple to figure, but tricky to improve.

  • Your approval rate = your successful transactions / your order volume or gross processing volume.
  • For example, an approval rate of 80% means that 8 transactions out of 10 succeed. It also means that 20% of your transactions failed.
  • If those transactions don’t process successfully on the second or third try, your $10 million in annual e-commerce sales may take a $2 million hit in revenue every year.

Use our free order approval rate calculator to find out your order approval results.

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Isn’t it good that fraudulent orders are declined?

Not if they’re not actually fraudulent.

Many declined orders fall into a “gray area” that automated tools can’t understand. They may have one or more potential indicators of fraud, but these indicators aren’t fool-proof.

  • What happens when customers place orders while traveling – which will show an IP address mismatch?
  • What happens when customers place orders as gifts – which will show different shipping and billing addresses?
Improving your order approval rate requires finding the right balance between automated technology and expert human analysis.

Why do I need to fill out the information requested?

We will always keep your personal information safe.

We ask for your information in exchange for this valuable resource to improve your website user experience and send you additional information that is related to this topic and growing your business. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

Is this actually free?

Of course it is!

We are simply sharing our industry knowledge that our clients and team members find helpful. Let us know if you have any additional fraud or ecommerce questions.

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