Consumer Behavior Study

Where do your customers stand on fraud?

Merchants who are implementing increased fraud measures might rest easy knowing they are protecting themselves and their customers – but how do customers really feel about the extra scrutiny given to each order?

More consumers are shopping online than ever before, but the rise in online shopping is not without its downsides.

While fraud is inevitable when shopping online, do consumers actually want their favorite businesses to employ heightened security measures? Are consumers willing to relinquish certain levels of convenience in order to ensure secure payment processes? How have attitudes towards convenience vs security changed over time?

This research explores the truth about consumer attitudes towards fraud and how it affects their behavior when shopping online.

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The survey polled 3035 consumers that shop online at least once every few months within the following countries:

  • UK: 1008
  • Mexico: 1021
  • Australia: 1006

The interviews were conducted online by Sapio Research in March 2020 using an email invitation and an online survey.

The interviews were conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic, so the sample is representative of attitudes before the international lockdown.

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