Unleash the power of BigCommerce with a proven leader in e-commerce fraud prevention.

Complete. Customized. Customer-Centric.

Protect your revenue. Increase your Sales. Support your customers. And achieve your business goals with ClearSale and BigCommerce.

We believe fraud should never get in the way of your sales or your customer experience. With ClearSale, you can:



1. Stop fraudulent orders and prevent chargebacks.

2. Convert any incorrectly declined transactions into approved orders.

3. Get compensated for any losses related to fraudulent chargebacks.


Here’s how ClearSale’s full model works:



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Real-time computation on every order

Real-time decisions for approved orders

Gray-area transactions are always seen by human eyes, so they can be approved or flagged as fraud



Customized Processes. Our comprehensive approach to e-commerce fraud always aligns with your business goals:

We deliver a bespoke fraud solution that fits the precise needs of your company. We call it “e-commerce magic”.

You tell us … We can …
Your most profitable products Prioritize these products across our analytical processes.
Your general customer profiles Develop procedures to support your customers in the most appropriate ways.
Your VIP customers Tailor our playbooks to offer a higher-level of support for them.
Your target markets Provide industry-specialized fraud analysts, available 24/7 with
multi-language capabilities.

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Proven Protection:


fraud analysts




years of




retention rate

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We sell performance, not tools. Tailored pricing to reflect what's really important for you:

Guarantee is an option, not mandatory.

Total Guarantee

Total Protection

100% guarantee that covers a business if ClearSale approves a transaction that turns out to be fraudulent.

Businesses will not be reimbursed for fraudulent transactions that may occur; instead, they will receive discounts on their invoice if the agreed-upon indicators are not met.

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Just like BigCommerce, we're flexible and can get you up and running in no time!



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