Unleash your sales and peace of mind with a proven leader in ecommerce fraud prevention.

Complete. Customized. Customer-Centric.

Protect your revenue. Increase your Sales. Support your customers. And achieve your business goals with ClearSale and Visa.

We believe fraud should never get in the way of your sales or your customer experience. With ClearSale, you can:

  • Stop fraudulent orders and prevent chargebacks.

  • Convert any incorrectly declined transactions into approved orders.

  • Get compensated for any losses related to fraudulent chargebacks.

Here’s how ClearSale’s full model works:

Real-time computation on every order
Real-time decisions for approved orders
Gray-area transactions are always seen by human eyes, so they can be approved or flagged as fraud

Why ClearSale?

Our comprehensive approach to ecommerce fraud always aligns with your business goals:

Improve your KPIs
Highest approval rates
Dramatically reduced chargebacks
Performance pricing models
No fixed costs
Chargeback guarantees not mandatory
Streamline your operations
No “black-out” countries
No dollar limit on coverage
Accommodate sales peaks with no volume commitments
Support team available 24/7/365
Easy management via online dashboard
Simple integration
Deliver a better customer experience
Virtually zero false declines
Manual reviews handled quickly and professionally
Solutions tailored to your business and /or your industry

Proven Protection

We were the first fully outsourced fraud management solution on the market in 2001, the first to offer chargeback guarantees, and we remain the largest and only solution with the scale, flexibility, expertise, and experience to support any merchant globally:

  • 2000+

    specialized fraud analysts

  • 6,000+


  • 20+

    years of experience

  • 160+


  • 99%

    custumer retention rate

Guarantee is an option, not mandatory.

We sell performance, not tools. Tailored pricing to reflect what's really important for you:

Total Guarantee

100% guarantee that covers a business if ClearSale approves a transaction that turns out to be fraudulent.

Total Protection

Businesses will not be reimbursed for fraudulent transactions that may occur; instead, they will receive discounts on their invoice if the agreed-upon indicators are not met.

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ClearSale Reviews


Clear Sale gives us confidence that we will get paid

"ClearSale is very good, the orders get approved quickly ,which is great so we know we can confidently send out the goods. Payment confirmation usually happens in 2-3 hrs. Once that happens we know we are covered."

Tony H.


Saves a ton of time and headaches!

"I don't have to spend time researching orders to see if they are fraud or not. I love that ClearSale backs up their approvals with a money-back guarantee if the order turns out to be fraud."



From the viewpoint of someone who has been the victim of credit card fraud

"We are in the Durable Medical Equipment supply industry and we use Shopify as our shopping cart. With Covid 19 we have seen a tremendous increase web traffic and online purchases. Prior to Covid 19 we had a number of fraudulent transactions that led to multiple investigations on Local, State and Federal levels all of which produced no returns only because the crooks were faster. This cost us in..."



Amazing Company to work with

"Their customer service is the best. They are quick to respond and answer questions regarding orders that are denied."

Teresa E.

Top Performer
Great Place to Work
Certified Business