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Food & Delivery Ecommerce: The Rise of Dinner on Demand

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In ClearSale’s Ecommerce Industry Guide: Food and Delivery,, we reveal:

  • The state of food and delivery, and ecommerce industry data for businesses
  • Emerging food and delivery ecommerce trends
  • Research around what consumers expect from their shopping experience
  • Ecommerce fraud risk in the food and delivery market
  • How to prevent fraud while preserving the customer experience
  • And so much more!

About this Guide

Food & Delivery Ecommerce

When the pandemic hit, consumers accustomed to dining in their favorite restaurants and sauntering through grocery aisles were forced to stay home. Suddenly, a predominantly brick-and-mortar industry was thrust online. 

From restaurants and delivery apps to grocery stores and prepared foods, the food and delivery ecommerce industry exploded. By 2022, 1.2 billion people worldwide were using online grocery delivery services, the food delivery sector was worth $770 billion, and restaurant online foodservice sales reached $34.25 billion. 


Clearly, there is a lot of opportunity with the industry continuing to grow. But there’s also quite a bit of risk. With ecommerce sales comes online fraud. How can you protect yourself against fraud without poisoning the customer experience your shoppers expect? 

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