2021 Global Ecommerce Behavior Analysis 

It's 2021. Do You Know How Consumer Behavior's Changing?


The face of the ecommerce shopper changed in 2020.

Merchants who are implementing increased fraud measures might rest easy knowing they are protecting themselves and their customers – but how do customers really feel about the extra scrutiny given to each order?

E-tailers saw a flood of sales from existing customers and many new-to-online shoppers—including in new categories and industries—in 2020/2021, driven by stay-at-home orders and concerns about COVID-19.

So, where do ecommerce attitudes stand now? And what does that mean for the future?

lgo-sarpioWe partnered with Sapio Research to get a better understanding of the behaviors and attitudes of today’s online consumer after this ground-shifting year.

Download this analysis to learn:

  • How 2020 changed the way consumers shop online, and whether the changes will last
  • How consumers weigh the risks of online shopping and how they view merchants after an experience with fraud
  • How different consumers react to fraud prevention efforts by ecommerce merchants
  • How consumer attitudes and spending patterns vary between countries, ages, and genders
  • And much more


The big changes we’ve seen in 2020 have created big opportunities for merchants … if they have the right intel.

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