Is Every Valid Order Being Approved?

Is Every Valid Order Being Approved?

Just because an online customer has clicked “pay” and placed an order, your revenue is not guaranteed. There’s always a risk that the payment will be rejected or declined – either by your own e-commerce fraud protection system or by one of the many players in the approval process. When you fail to approve every valid transaction, you’re not only losing orders, you’re losing revenue.

But, how can you tell when false declines occur?

To start, you have to know what percentage of your orders are actually being approved and what percentage are being declined. However, many businesses don’t measure this critical KPI correctly.

We’ve created a helpful guide to show you how to properly measure your order approval rates, so you can truly understand what’s going on with your orders. Only then can you take steps to approve more orders and maximize revenue – without increasing chargebacks. 

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  1. Identify why e-commerce orders are approved or declined.
  2. Correctly calculate your true order approval rates to understand if you’re losing revenue.
  3. Determine if you have a false decline problem.