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We believe fraud should never get in the way of your sales or your customer experience. With ClearSale, you can:



1. Stop fraudulent orders and prevent chargebacks.

2. Convert any incorrectly declined transactions into approved orders.

3. Get compensated for any losses related to fraudulent chargebacks.


Here’s how ClearSale’s full model works:



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Real-time computation on every order

Real-time decisions for approved orders

Gray-area transactions are always seen by human eyes, so they can be approved or flagged as fraud


Customized to the Jewelry industry - Minimizing Jewelry Retailers’ Fraud Exposure

 It’s projected that online sales for the jewelry industry worldwide will make up 25% of sales by 2020. But as retailers scramble to capitalize on ecommerce’s popularity, they expose their business to an increased fraud risk.

Because of the potential value of a single piece of merchandise, screening every transaction is important. Missing even one fraudulent transaction can result in significant financial repercussions for the merchant - 40% of consumers will never order from a merchant again after having a transaction declined!

But retailers must also balance fraud prevention with customer satisfaction. Too-stringent fraud rules may result in lost sales and reputational damage, but a comprehensive protection strategy can help jewelry retailers grow a stronger business.

So how can retailers implement comprehensive CNP fraud prevention while still offering a user-friendly, seamless online shopping experience?

ClearSale is committed to helping merchants improve both their profits and their customer relationships through our Total Guaranteed Protection Solution.

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Proven Protection:


fraud analysts




years of




retention rate


We sell performance, not tools and tailor our pricing to reflect what's really important for you:

Guarantee is an option, not mandatory.

Total Guarantee

Total Protection

100% guarantee that covers a business if ClearSale approves a transaction that turns out to be fraudulent.

Businesses will not be reimbursed for fraudulent transactions that may occur; instead, they will receive discounts on their invoice if the agreed-upon indicators are not met.

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