Protecting Your Ecommerce Revenue from Order to Delivery and Beyond

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Ecommerce volume is growing. So is fraud.

Merchants need an end-to-end plan to protect their revenue.


Rafael Lourenco Executive Vice-President at ClearSale
  • Rafael Lourenco
  • ClearSale
  • ExecutiveVice President
Denise Purtzer
  • Denise Purtzer
  • ClearSale
  • Former VP of Partnerships & Alliances
  • Adam Gardner
  • Route
  • Director of Strategic Partnerships
  • MikeFagan
  • Midigator
  • Senior Partner Account Manager

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Any major crisis can rapidly alter the way we sell and shop. Fraudsters will exploit that disruption.

How can you protect your revenue and your customers from ecommerce fraud now?


In this webinar, ClearSale, Route and Midigator executives will share their expertise in e-commerce fraud prevention, package tracking and chargeback mitigation to describe how merchants can:

  • Comprehensively screen orders for fraud without raising false decline rates.
  • Improve post-purchase customer experience with visual package tracking and protection.
  • Prevent chargebacks and simplify dispute management.

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