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Other programs look for reasons to decline your orders. We look for reasons to approve your orders.

ClearSale is a multinational company whose mission is to stop fraud without affecting the customer experience. ClearSale simply approves or declines each order, backing every order with a financial guarantee if desired. 



Naaman Creative strategically elevates businesses with high end graphic design, logos, branding, marketing, SEO, website creation and management, motion graphics, audio production, screen printing, 3D printing, business strategy & ongoing creative production services.

With a refined approach centered around long-term design solutions, Naaman Creative’s productions are timeless.

The mission: "Create for good."


Merchants now have a special opportunity available to them – by partnering with ClearSale, you can protect against e-commerce fraud, increase sales, and eliminate chargebacks before they happen. 

Don’t let fear of fraud or false declines lose you good customers and your reputation. Get back to focusing on your core business and let ClearSale’s advanced tools and seasoned in-house team protect you on every level from CNP fraud.

Only ClearSale offers the scale, flexibility, expertise, and experience to support any merchant selling anywhere in the world. 

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