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How much do chargebacks and false declines hurt your business?

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Chargebacks and false declines hurt SMB merchants:

Learn how merchants can protect themselves from both and grow their business. 


Rafael Lourenco Executive Vice-President at ClearSale
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  • ClearSale
  • Executive Vice President
  • David Fletcher
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Small and midsized merchants know that chargebacks are time-consuming and expensive.

Chargeback fees add up—and too many chargebacks can drive up payment processing costs, too.

However, the typical response to chargebacks hurts SMBs.

That’s because when chargebacks drive merchants to tighten their fraud rules and automatically reject more orders, there’s a new problem: false declines.

False declines cause more damage to merchants than chargebacks.

In ClearSale-sponsored research (2019), Aite Group found that false declines cost merchants 75 times more than card-not-present fraud in 2018. 

False declines don’t just reject valid orders, they destroy customer relationships.

Good customers often feel insulted when their orders are turned down, so they switch to other merchants instead. The lifetime value of the customer is lost, and so is their positive impression of your brand.

How can merchants protect themselves from fraud and avoid losing customers to false declines?

Rafael Lourenco and David Fletcher from Shift4shop partner ClearSale will share their experience in fraud prevention, false decline prevention, and customer experience improvement to describe:

  • How chargebacks and false declines negatively impact merchants
  • Why traditional chargeback prevention methods can increase false declines
  • How to determine your business’ chargeback and false decline rates
  • How merchants can prevent chargebacks without raising false decline rates


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Learn how chargebacks and false declines harm your business—and how to stop them.

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