How to balance revenue, fraud prevention, and the customer experience


False Declines in the Age of Ecommerce: Everything Merchants Need to Know

Speakers :

Julie Conroy Research Director
for Aite Group


Rafael Lourenco ClearSale Executive
Vice President


David FletcherSenior Vice
President of Sales

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No ecommerce merchant wants to lose money to fraud. But many fraud prevention strategies create a terrible customer experience.

When good customers are falsely declined, they get angry and frustrated – and they may never return to that store. False declines cause merchants to lose not only good orders, but the lifetime value of customers who expect a seamless shopping experience.

In fact, losses due to false declines are 75x greater than losses due to card-not-present fraud.

If you’re one of the 84% of merchants looking for a fraud prevention strategy that improves the customer experience, this webinar is a must-watch for you.

Join us as we present data and insights from our 2019 study, “The eCommerce Conundrum: Balancing False Declines and Fraud Protection.” We’ll dive into the ecosystem surrounding false declines, learn how merchants and customers are affected, and see what can be done to stop this secret revenue and reputation destroyer.

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