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 Denise Purtzer talks to Orleatha Smith from Inclusive Pay about fraud prevention tactics that reduce chargebacks.


  • Denise Purtzer
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  • Former VP of Partnerships & Alliances
Orleatha Smith
  • Orleatha Smith
  • Founder
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Having too many chargebacks can and will hurt your business, no matter the size of it.

Preventing them from happen is necessary to protect your revenue and to avoid not only income losses, but excessive fees and fines that affect your business health.

There are a few types of chargebacks, some caused by friendly or true (criminal) fraud, but also there are chargebacks that can be easily prevented: the merchant error chargebacks.

Chargebacks are inevitable, but are preventable. Knowing what can cause it is the first step to prevent them from happening, and the merchant error is one of the most common reasons of chargebacks. Mistakes like defective merchandise descriptions or even failing at matching sales transactions to their respective chargebacks can seriously affect your business.

And how can a business owner avoid fraud and chargebacks?

Denise Purtzer brings a few ways to prevent any fraud or chargebacks losses:

  • Look at the fraudulent orders for patterns;
  • Be flexible. Too restrictive return policies can hurt your business. Make it easier to get a refund than to place a chargeback;
  • Clearly communicate with your costumer;
  • Partner with a company that specializes in fraud prevention.

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