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  • Denise Purtzer
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  • Alex Fetanat
  • GemFind Digital Solutions
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Asaf Herskovitz
  • Asaf Herskovitz
  • GN Diamond
  • CEO
Steve Feldman
  • Steve Feldman
  • GCAL
  • Director of Sales & Marketing

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The jewelry industry is changing, with a lot of movement toward ecommerce.

Fine jewelry is expected to see a growth of 16% in the next 7 years, while fashion jewelry is expected to be closer to 14%.

Ecommerce has traditionally been a small percentage of global jewelry retail sales, typically only making up between 5 to 10% of sales.

Even before the pandemic, that number was changing, with the industry seeing an increase of 14% in online sales from 2017 to 2018.

Jewelry is a great segment for online shopping now - items are easy to ship, they are small, and they show equally well on mobile devices as they do on computer monitors.

However, that means that they are also targets for online fraud.

How can you turn your diamond store into an online retail success?

Listen in on this informative webinar featuring some of the biggest names in jewelry commerce to learn about the industry opportunities that can keep your diamond sales growing safely.

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