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Develop strategies that combat and reduce the impacts of fraud while growing your business online.

Speakers :

Denise PurtzerClearSale  
VP of Partnerships


Sze Liu
Co-founder & CEO

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In 2020, e-commerce has experienced substantial growth in the U.S.
According to Adobe Analytics, consumers have spent an extra $93.9 billion since March.

However, with high jobless rates, fraudsters have more time for fraud schemes and more financial pressure to commit fraud.
Recent LexisNexis data from July 2020 shows that the number of attacks against merchants and the cost of completed fraud is rising.

In addition to the threat of fraud, merchants also risk declining orders from good customers as online traffic rises.
In ClearSale-sponsored research, Aite Group found that false declines cost merchants 75 times more than card-not-present fraud in 2018.

How can merchants reduce the impacts of fraud and approve more good orders while growing their business online?
Denise Purtzer from WM Digital’s partner ClearSale will share her experience in fraud prevention and e-commerce to describe:

  • How merchants have an opportunity as more people buy online but more risk as fraudsters ramp up too.
  • How to get your site ready for sales peaks by improving your customer experience and marketing.
  • Why false declines are such a costly and common problem for merchants.
  • Why fraud rules need manual review to reduce false declines and lost customers.
  • Why an easy checkout with behind-the-scenes customer validation is a key to great customer experience – and revenue growth.


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