FRAUD PREVENTION FORConsumer Electronics

Your customers are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest electronic goods.

Unfortunately, fraudsters are looking for your products, too.

A Red-Hot Fraud Market for Resellable Goods

We are surrounded by electronics — from the computers on our desks to the smart phones in our pockets to the thermostats in our homes to our data in the virtual cloud. — Joe Kaeser, Siemens CEO

Expensive and popular items are always hot targets fraud — from GoPros to Apple Watches, smartphones to wireless headphones.



New technology is always in demand, and customers will pay high prices for the latest releases.


Resale value

Electronics can be resold at a price close to the purchase price – enabling fraudsters to quickly turn stolen goods into cash.


Low carrying cost

Electronic devices are easy and inexpensive to ship and store for resale.

If your domestic chargeback rate is above 0.25%, you have a fraud problem.

Sophisticated CNP Fraud Schemes

Fraudsters are smart, and they can get quite cutting-edge with their schemes. Therefore you must also be smart and stay on the lookout for these card-not-present (CNP) fraud patterns.

What Should My Company Do?

Fraudsters are looking for the vulnerabilities in your fraud prevention program. Your customers are looking for smooth online shopping experiences. Keep both goals balanced.

As a consumer electronics merchant, there are several steps you can take to reduce your e-commerce fraud risk.


False Declines Are a Problem, Too

There are other ways you can lose money to fraudsters. Using a fraud program that is too strict can increase false declines.

False declines occur when your fraud program automatically declines any order that is flagged as “possibly” fraudulent without first verifying the fraud.

But most of these “possible” fraud transactions are legitimate orders. Not only do you lose the revenue from the declined sale, you also anger your customer. Unhappy customers complain loudly on social media, and many will never shop with you again.

If your decline rate is above 1.5%, you have a problem with false declines.

False declines cost you revenue AND customers. Be extremely wary of any fraud program that claims to “make your life easier” by auto-declining all suspicious orders. Your program is probably creating a false decline problem for you.

Signals That a Transaction Is Legitimate

Here are three common scenarios that indicate a transaction is not fraud:


Warranties are purchased

After all, fraudsters don’t need warranties on a product they intend to resell.


Orders are shipped to a military address

It’s nearly impossible for a civilian fraudster to retrieve a package from a military post office.


Orders are placed from mobile devices

It’s harder for a fraudster to make a purchase using a mobile device than on a desktop.

If your fraud program automatically declines all suspicious orders and doesn’t look for mitigating factors like these, good orders are probably being turned down – which means you are losing revenue, losing customers, and hurting your business reputation.

How to Stop fraud AND Deliver a Great Customer Experience

ClearSale is a leader in the consumer electronics industry, helping top retailers identify even the most subtle instances of fraud. We deliver the highest approval rates in the industry, and we virtually eliminate chargeback costs — all in one integrated platform.

Our clients see impressive results after joining forces with us, including:


Approval rate


reduction in false declines


decisions within 24 hours


drop in chargeback ratio


customer satisfaction


We know the right strategies for beating electronics fraud – and we provide a seamless purchasing experience for your customers.

Make the Right Move to Protect Your Business

For nearly 20 years, ClearSale has been innovating the e-commerce fraud protection industry.

We know the electronics industry, and we know how to keep your customers and your business safe.


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Although our results speak for themselves, here’s what just a few of our clients had to say about the ClearSale experience.

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