ClearSale Helps Motorola Wipe Out Chargebacks and False Declines in Mexico

Iconic mobile phone brand Motorola wanted to make a big splash on Mexico’s two busiest online sales days, Black Friday and El Buen Fin (“the good weekend,” a nationwide shopping event launched in 2011 by the Council of Business Coordination). But Motorola knew that its products would be enticing targets for fraudsters, thanks to strong brand recognition, along with the small size and high resale value of Motorola’s devices.

To make the situation even more challenging, Motorola expected order volume to grow tenfold during these peak sales periods, making it nearly impossible to keep up with accurately screening and flagging suspicious transactions.

Motorola needed a fraud protection solution that would:

Integrate seamlessly with its ecommerce platform.

Provide prompt reviews of transactions.

Let Motorola quickly and confidently approve orders during high-volume sales periods and year-round.

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